Deepest Knowing

As we may calm our minds by deep, slow breathing, we become free to use our imaginations creatively. When we’re learning to do this, we need to be in a safe space, where our ego can relax. There is a way to focus our attention on our inner being, our conscious presence, which is who we are. It is the life force that allows us to use emotions and thoughts. Our consciousness constantly flows and envelopes us and connects us to everyone. It’s a plasma field vibrating beyond our ability to perceive. It is the creative impulse always flowing from the Creative Source. It vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love, and it is magnetically attracting our attention as we attune our emotional awareness to love and joy, compassion and gratitude.

From this perspective we can perceive our experiences in our empirical world objectively as the play that it is. At this time all of our challenges in life are being put before us to awaken us to our true being and the quality of the stream of life that flows through us. We have the ability to live in joy and love as soon as we are focused in alignment with our true inner being and feeling the higher vibrations, where we want to be.

This is the essence of the quantum field that we inhabit. Everything expresses itself in a spectrum of energy. We have the ability to know the different frequencies through our emotions. Once we know how something feels, we can enter that frequency whenever we want. Our personal conscious being vibrates at our specific energy signature. It is this energy signature that creates the quality of our experiences that appear to be outside of us. Once we align our energy signature with our deepest being, our presence of awareness, we are in a high-vibration spectrum of experience. This reflects outward and magnetizes to us the quality of experiences that are compatible with our energy signature. We feel strong and independent, kind-hearted and eternal, in essence unaffected by the external play going on around us. We are in command of our experiences.

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