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Death and Transformation

In contemplating the meaning of death, it may be helpful to contemplate the meaning of birth. We are conscious beings, aware of our own nature and able to change everything about ourselves by the intentional focus of our attention. Incarnation as a human being requires this focus within the empirical spectrum of vibrations in order to continue to realize its reality. Prior to our human self-awareness, our physical life begins as a collection of experiences and innate consciousness responses. Once we become aware of our personal awareness, we can enter the school of life. Here we learn what all of the vibrations associated with the empirical band of frequencies feel like when we recognize them as real. After our experience with many patterns of energy, both positive and negative, we develop a perspective of our preferences and beliefs about our reality. Our limiting beliefs about ourselves have kept us from knowing our unlimited nature.

We can open our awareness to whatever we want to imagine and feel. If we are positive and love-centered in our intentions, we raise our vibrations and have better life experiences. Just being open to deepest love, gratitude and joy brings us into a state of being that elevates our personal lives and expands our awareness. We can learn to realize ourselves as high-vibratory positive Beings of great inner light.

Apart from the empirical realm, we can learn to be our present awareness. We can be as unlimited as we are willing to imagine and feel. In our consciousness, we can go as casually or as deeply as we want with any energy patterns in every moment. When a limiting belief comes up, we can recognize it for what it is and resolve it with compassionate wisdom.

Our subconscious or innate consciousness controls all aspects of our body and is the repository of all personal karma. Its intention is to provide experiences that will challenge us to become clear about ourselves. We can learn to be present in our awareness and to allow whatever arises with acceptance, gratitude, compassion and wisdom. This is a practice that requires intentional awareness of our ever-present intuition. Here we receive the high-frequency divine guidance that arises from universal consciousness. It comes through our innate being, which is a non-judgmental consciousness. We can learn to interpret the prompts that we receive intuitively. It is mostly a matter of staying in a state of high-frequency, positive vibrations.

If we have learned all of this, we may graduate to our natural state of unlimited awareness in alignment with the consciousness of the Creator. At this point we are not subject to death in any form, including that of the body. With the help of our innate being, we can transform the physical into a higher dimensional entity with an improved DNA. This opportunity is now present for us.

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