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Cultural Identity and Consciousness

Indigenous cultures use oral teachings and story-telling that requires inner realization to connect with the energies of the Earth and our telepathic intuitive knowing. In an environment that is in balance with the energies of the Spirit of the Earth, and where nature spirits are recognized, people of the Earth know how to live and survive harmoniously in nature and are often guided by dreams and visions. The shamans have even expanded their awareness beyond the physical body. There is still, however, limited cultural awareness of the magnitude of our expansive Being. Every culture has developed limiting beliefs that keep us from knowing our real potential, and as a result we do not penetrate the deepest knowing of our abilities and our essence.

In cultures that depend upon the written word and technological communication, much more knowledge is available to our conscious minds, but the connection with our intuitive knowing has been weakened. We have learned that we acquire knowledge from outside of our own Being. We have been trained to believe that mental prowess is our most important quality for living successfully. We have diminished our connection with Gaia and no longer recognize the spirits of nature. This has resulted in less love in our lives and disorientation with the meaning of life, because we don’t understand how life works and how it happens.

We can come from any culture and become aware of our unlimited creative abilities by understanding that we express ourselves as patterns of electromagnetic energy that our consciousness interprets as material experience. We can consciously work with energies. We constantly create energetic patterns with our thoughts and emotions. We are modulators of energy. We determine the frequency and amplitude of the patterns that we envision and feel in every moment. These manifest for us as the qualities and intensities of our experiences.

By developing a perspective of always being in high-frequency vibrations of emotions and visions, we begin to live in experiences that feel thankful, compassionate and loving. Our habitual thoughts and feelings create an energy signature that interacts with other energy signatures in the quantum field and attracts those with compatibly-aligning frequencies. These become our experiences. We are not limited in our Being to any spectrum of frequencies in our abilities to think and feel. As we intentionally open ourselves to higher frequencies in the spectrum of gratitude, love, abundance and joy, we begin to attract those energies which become our experiences.

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