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Creator Consciousness

The nature of the prime Creator, God, is also our nature. We know from quantum physics experiments and extrapolations that there is a universal consciousness that contains within itself everything that exists. Everything is a fractal of the Creator, and as the creator changes, all the fractals change exactly the same way in resonant energetic patterns, just like in an Escher painting, where every image is a fractal of the whole, and they all change mathematically in perfect interlocking patterns. Fractals aren’t just mental, however, they are also emotional and intuitive. We are all designed to move innately with the energetic expressions of the Creator and be guided by our intuition, which is our connection with Creator consciousness.

Universal consciousness is pure awareness and knowing. It expresses itself by multiplying itself in order to have experiences of encounters. Each of us is the Creator, able to be aware of the higher truth in every situation. We create the qualities of our experiences just with our state of being—our thoughts and feelings. We can change the level of vibrations in our encounters by how we react to them. We can maintain a positive polarity with gratitude and joy. This is a life-enhancing state of being. As we move further along the path toward expanded consciousness and life enhancement, we more closely align with the natural energy of every aspect of life. This is Creator consciousness in expression.

We are the Creator’s expression of personhood. Universal consciousness is not personal, it is universal. Through us, in our current state of being, the Creator can experience our personal identity and ego consciousness. We are supported in every way that we choose to go. Universal consciousness is not judgmental. All intentions are accepted, and guidance is always offered. If we choose to live in a positive polarity, high-vibrational state of being, we are supported in every way, because this is the intention of creative energy.

In every encounter we have an immediate emotional message of vibrational level and polarity. We can enhance and change the polarity and vibratory patterns we encounter with our state of being, our thoughts and feelings. By imagining and feeling the higher octave and positive polarity of every negative situation in this world, we can elevate the state of humanity, as well as ourselves. This is the most powerful way to change things.

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