Creating Out of Pure Awareness

We are designed as Creators. Our consciousness is part of the universal One. Quantum physics has shown that there is only One universal consciousness. It is the consciousness of the Creator of all that exists.

In our current form in the dimension of human experience on this planet, we have existed in a compartmentalized consciousness that allows us to use our free will to experience fear and suffering in order to deepen our understanding of love and compassion. In our true essence of eternal unconditional love and infinitely powerful creativity, we could never experience the lower vibrations that we have experienced here. In order to make this experience as real as possible, we have created our ego consciousness with a rational mind that has no awareness of our true Being.

We have learned to make plans and think about how we want to live and what we want to experience. We’ve learned to endure hardship, not knowing that we can transform our lives, but this is the experience we planned for ourselves. There have always been incarnated masters to show us the way back to our full conscious awareness, and those who were ready to return have paid attention to them and learned how to return to our eternal Being. There have also been those who came to rule over us and keep us in limited consciousness through fear, and they distorted the truths that the masters taught in order to enslave us.

Now we are at the turning of the ages, and our planet is rising in conscious vibrations. In order to continue to live here, we must release our focus on low-vibratory experiences and situations, transforming ourselves into our higher-dimensional Selves. This process requires us to stop recognizing and focusing on our limitations and all of the evil that still exists here. We are being prompted to open our awareness to the energy at the heart of our Being. This is where we find our conscious, unconditionally loving life force flowing into us from the essence of our Creator. We can find this source of our life in deep meditation and contemplation. It requires practice and feels amazingly wonderful.

Once we become aware of our inner truth of Being, we are on the path to expanded consciousness and unlimited creative ability. This is a state of Self-Realization of present awareness in divine love and joy. In this awareness, everything is possible. All of our needs are effortlessly fulfilled, and we are not limited to the consciousness of physicality. We have the opportunity to be our true, unlimited, deeply loving and compassionate, naturally creative, expanding Selves. We can be our own angelic Presence.

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