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Creating Our Transformation

Imagine a world in which everyone is happy and thankful; a world in which every encounter enhances our lives. It is a world of infinite awareness and limitless ability for each of us. In this vibratory spectrum of joy and love, we become more vibrant in every moment. Once we live beyond limitations, everything is present for us. As we imagine and realize the energetic qualities that are available for us, we unleash our creative power. As we become aware of constant gratitude and joy, we can intentionally focus upon things that we are grateful for and that we love. This energetic alignment creates an electromagnetic field around us that attracts energetic patterns resonating with our entire range of emotions and thoughts.

Everything happens in the present moment. We are our presence of awareness. Consciously and sub-consciously we choose what we are aware of. Our sub-conscious is a hidden, but powerful, repository of experiences from the past, and it is receptive of the energetic qualities within our present conscious awareness.

Our realization of who we are in each moment gives us a vibratory presence that affects our body. Our body is an expression of what we believe about ourselves. As we expand our ability to recognize the qualities of our encounters and our thoughts and feelings, we can learn to intentionally choose to be present in an energetic state of gratitude, love and joy, attracting regenerating energies within our cells.

In transitioning from an energetic density of duality to one of love and fulfillment, we must realize its reality and align with its vibrations. It already exists in the quantum field, waiting for us to recognize it with our imagination and emotions. When we align ourselves with heart-consciousness, we can know and feel it intuitively. If we can open our awareness to the realm of gratitude, love and joy, we can feel our presence in this energetic spectrum, attracting resonating experiences for ourselves.

We can practice refocusing from all fear and negativity. It does not exist in the spectrum of gratitude and joy. Our transition to a positive and inspiring world that already exists is available for our recognition and realization. We can create our own presence in this world by transforming how we think and feel about ourselves and being grateful in every moment.

By turning our attention within ourselves and focusing in the zero point between waking and sleeping, we can achieve the theta state of consciousness, opening our sub-conscious to our awareness. While being the observer and director of our vibrations, we can choose to stay high, removing negativity and life-diminishing experiences from our presence. Our entire social scene transforms, and we can see the light in the eyes of everyone, first in our imagination and then in our realization, as we align with its vibrations.

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