Creating our Quality of Life

Improving our quality of life happens as a result of expanding our consciousness by recognizing our limitations and transforming them. The dimension of frequencies that humanity inhabits is kept in a low-vibrational state by vast inner entraining and programming. Upon incarnation, we learn to accept the vibrations of our parents and society. We create low-frequency beliefs about our capabilities and identity. We have learned to believe that we are inherently incapable of creating the life we would love to be experiencing.

We incarnated to experience what it could be like to be separated from our Creator and made vulnerable to fearful and potentially lethal threats. We wanted to experience this dimension of frequencies in its complete spectrum, so that we would never again be attracted to inhabit a realm of low vibrations.

Now we have the opportunity to graduate from this low-frequency dimension by using our imagination. Imagine that we are loving and compassionate beings interacting with one another. Feel that we are there, summoned by the high-frequency energy of our heart. Anything that brings us down from that frequency needs to be critically examined for the truth of its existence. Where does its life force come from? Does it come from our heart or our ego? The ego can be loved compassionately for its service to us in the empirical world, and it can be shown through our imagination that it is safe. This is calming for the mind, allowing more attention to all of the subtle feelings in our consciousness. These feelings expand into awareness upon giving them our attention. Our attention expresses itself through the projection of our life force to the object of our attention, ultimately manifesting it physically, by shaping the vibrations with our imagination and emotions.

It is possible to build up a charge of life force by being absolutely trustworthy and telepathically open with all who have a similar vibration, while at the same time withdrawing attention from lower vibrations. This raises the frequencies of our energy signatures, bringing higher-vibrational experiences into our lives.

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