Creating Our New Lives

We all want personal fulfillment. We want wonderful relationships with friends who are compassionate and loving. We want abundance in all areas of our lives. We want vibrant health and beauty. We want to express our passions and dance with the wind in ecstatic union with great joy. These are now all possible for all of us.

Our creative essence is unlimited in every way, but we have designed and implemented powerful limitations for our Earth experience with the energy expressed by humanity. We have lived within these limitations for thousands of years, unable to realize our true being, but now we have the opportunity to transcend all of this and transform our lives with the creative life force that flows through our hearts from the quantum field of all potentialities. Our Creator is sending vast numbers of high-frequency gamma-ray photons through the central suns of our universe and galaxy to activate our potential for the expansion of our consciousness beyond our self-imposed limitations to realize our true Being.

We can align with the rising resonant frequency of the Earth (as shown in the Shumann Resonance graphs), we free ourselves to become more expressive of our own love and compassion. We begin to recognize our innate ability to raise our vibratory frequency by intentionally focusing on the great love and support that we feel through our heart.

As we expand our inner light, we move beyond the threats and troubles of the lower frequencies in human society. We can drop our entrainment of poverty and enslavement and free ourselves to live and express the desires of our heart and expand our awareness into a world of beauty and wonder. We can call on our angels and guides and our true inner Being to inspire us to express the greatness that is within all of us. We are creating a new reality of experience in a higher dimension of abundance, peace and joy beyond measure.

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