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Creating More Meaningful Lives

In the observations of quantum physicists, it has been determined that there is only one universal consciousness that everything participates in, from the smallest sub-atomic particles in the structure of our world to the movements of galaxies. This is the consciousness that we participate in, but we can access only as much of it as our vibratory level allows. Historically humanity has also been constrained by the energy grid imposed by negatively-polarized beings who controlled us. This grid has now been disabled, and the beings are no longer present. We are free to evolve without constraints, and the rising resonant frequencies of Gaia and our enveloping quantum field are prompting us to expand our conscious awareness.

Conscious expansion occurs by opening our awareness to our inner knowing, our intuitive guidance. Most of humanity has been desensitized to our intuition and higher guidance and must be awakened to our potential. Because all of life operates energetically, we must learn how to interact creatively with the electromagnetic wave patterns that envelope and interpenetrate us. These occur in octaves of resonance, some of which we can perceive as humans. The empirical world has higher octaves of vibratory patterns that we are not presently aware of, but they are present within and around us.

As we open ourselves to higher frequencies of positive polarity, we can feel love and joy arise from the heart of our Being. When this happens, we can know that we are aligning ourselves with the unconditional love of the Creator consciousness. We constantly receive intuitive promptings offered by our higher Self, our soul consciousness. We can train ourselves to be aware of these promptings, which can be of many different kinds of sights, feelings, synergies, words and more. All of nature communicates within the spectrum of life constantly, and we can align with this energy. If we go deeply within, we can intuitively know the essence of every being and circumstance.

We can be in gratitude in every moment, filled with awareness of the infinite beauty and majesty of our true Selves. We can be completely Self-motivated, as we align ourselves with our intuitive knowing in positive, high-vibration thoughts and feelings, able to create whatever we desire for the highest good of all concerned. We are not mere humans. We are extensions of the consciousness of the Creator, fractals of the divine with unlimited abilities. We only need to open and free our awareness and intend to feel and imagine the most wonderful energy patterns that can manifest out of the quantum field as our experiences.

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