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Creating a Wonderful Life

We all participate in the infinite presence of awareness that is the essence of our Being. We can begin to imagine what this is when we can stimulate ourselves toward a state of joy and ecstasy. These are the vibrations of our essence, coming to us through the heart of our Being in every moment. If we can open ourselves to this vibratory level and align with it through our desire and intention, we can feel our true essence in wondrous ways. Our feelings in this energetic spectrum can open expanded awareness for us of infinite consciousness. In our true essence we are points of light and centers of awareness beyond the physical world and encompassing all of it and much more.

Once we realize this, our perspective changes. We have our physical presence, which we can change to our liking. Everything about us is an energetic expression of our conscious and subconscious feelings and thoughts. The radiance of our polarity and frequencies attract experiences that resonate with us. We are psychic magnets for experiences. Once we align with a new quality of consciousness, we adjust to it and continue to attract experiences on its level. This is a life-transforming kind of development.

The more we align with our essential Self, the more natural we feel, and the more enjoyable our lives become. If we ask within to be able to feel our true essence, and we are willing to align ourselves with its energetics as we feel them, apart from what we think about them, we will open our awareness to more knowing and more intense experiences of the heart. Once we know this kind of state of Being, we can return to it by aligning ourselves with the life-enhancing feelings of our heart-consciousness.

As we go through our lives, and we gain more awareness of everything, we may learn to understand the nature of the roles we are playing in the human drama. Although we’ve inherited a magnetic attraction for past-life energetic returns, we can rewrite the script of our roles from a transcendent state of Being.

We can enter a heart-conscious realm within, guiding us to resolve all of our personal dramas and to release them. We access this realm through our mental and emotional alignment with it, as we pay attention to its elevating expressions, which are always present for us. They are life-enhancing in every way. Through our creative ability, they inspire beautiful music and poetry, inventiveness and personal fulfillment, all resulting from the joy and elegance of our natural state of Being, which we share with all of nature and the cosmic presence of universal consciousness.

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