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Creating a Life of Beauty and Majesty

In our essence, we have always lived in beauty and majesty. In this moment we live in absolute power over our lives in infinite awareness and infinite love and joy. In order to be aware of our true Being, we must arise from our human hypnotic trance into a state of being that is terminally feared by our ego-consciousness, because it is unknown. To our ego-conscious mind, there is great danger, if we release the control of our beliefs about ourselves. The fear of termination of ego-consciousness is real, because the ego-mind is based on fear of separation from the Source of our life. Without that fear, there is no ego. There is only our intuitive Self, our eternal presence of awareness, able to create everything our hearts desire, including our human persons and everything about us.

Creation of our personal expression and our life experiences in every way is what we do, whether we realize it or not. If we want to live in beauty and majesty, we must align our vibrations with their energetics. We can use our imagination and emotions to carry ourselves into scenarios with wonderful, loving encounters. We can use our imagination to realize the Creator-light in everyone, even the evil ones. This presence of Creator consciousness is in everyone. Anyone or anything beyond our own essence has no power over us without our permission. Even so, we cannot be destroyed, because we arise in every moment, trillions of times each second, within the consciousness of the Creator. We share in this consciousness, which is everywhere and in everyone. We are all conscious together and can be aware of our own and each other’s awareness.

The energetics of life are constantly creative, and any kind of fear that blocks our life-force is an anomaly and can be resolved in alignment with intuitive knowing of our Self. Everything in our awareness has a vibration. When we focus on one, we align our vibrations with it. They radiate out into the quantum field with instructions for the kind of energy we want to experience. When we are negative or positive toward others, we are sending that energy to ourselves, resulting in our experiences.

There is also the matter is destiny. Prior to our incarnation we decided what kind of experiences would most benefit us to awaken to our true Self, given that we have no memory of who we are. In this sense, our lives are symbolic metaphors that guide us toward this goal, constantly offering and urging us into awareness of the consciousness of our heart and the vibrations of our life-force.

Aligning with our deepest intuitive knowing connects us with awareness of our infinite essence, having every possible ability and constantly using all of them according to our vibratory state. Our ability to create experiences for ourselves requires only that we vibrate at a predominant wave-band, determined by our mental and emotional processes. By imagining and feeling that we are in scenarios expressing gratitude, love and joy, we can align with our intuition, in which everything is known.

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