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Creating a High-Frequency World

Is anything better than being filled with joy? Imagine being in the presence of our soul mates and twin flames. These are the ones with whom we share the deepest love and greatest attraction. When we’re together, our presence is filled with joy and gratitude and love beyond measure. Imagine being with our soul family in deep, compassionate knowing of one another. Imagine doing wonderful things together and among groups of all these beings who love each other deeply. This is the world that is open to us through our recognition of it with our entire being. We can feel all of this within ourselves, and we can bring it into our experience by believing its reality and recognizing it as such. We are the modulators of energies, and we can radiate our visions and feelings into the quantum field for manifestation in our experience.

Manifesting our visions and imaginings happens naturally when we’re in a high-frequency vibration of life. We can’t force it with our will, our recital of invocations and prayers or any energy that is less than the high-frequency vibrations of our Creator through our heart. The benefit of doing all these things can be to direct our attention to transforming ourselves from being stuck in low vibrations of various shades of fear. We need to confront this energy from a higher perspective of compassionate wisdom.

We’ve limited ourselves to the frequency patterns of our ego. Without the guidance of heart-felt intuition, the ego has lived in fear of termination, and its constant quest is for greater fulfillment. By loving our ego and thanking him/her for taking us through our adventures into the low -vibration experiences of life and surviving, we can let those experiences be archived as history and forever remove our attention from them, giving them no more life force.

By resolving all of the limitations in our consciousness, we open ourselves to true freedom to know whatever we want to know in any moment, to feel however we want to feel, to be whoever we want to be. We open ourselves to knowing our deepest Being. This is our essence arising from the quantum field and offering us universal consciousness, which we’ve been shutting off from ourselves. Now we can transform this boundary and open ourselves to the unconditional love flowing to us constantly in our consciousness and vitality.

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