Observation and Recognition Create Experiences

What we experience as our reality has been shown by quantum physicists to be non-existent apart from our recognition of it. It is continually coming into recognition and dissolving into unperceived energy in the quantum field of all possibilities. We have the free will to decide what to recognize. Whatever we do recognize immediately expresses itself in our reality. What we do not pay attention to returns to the quantum realm of all potentiality.

There are as many versions of our experienced reality as there are individuals recognizing them. We experience our reality by what we recognize. We are free to choose to recognize anything we can imagine, because the energetic field that we live in has infinite potential worlds of experience. Our imagination can consciously change the forms of our experiences. The quality of our lives is determined by our personal energy signature, which we can also intentionally change. We can have myriads of different beliefs and ways of being, all in the same world, when these energies all vibrate with their resonant frequencies within a spectrum of energies that we experience as empirical. Within this energy spectrum there are low-frequency experiences that feel fearful in some way, and high-frequency experiences that feel elevating, loving, kind and joyous. By expressing our higher-frequency emotions, we elevate our energy signature, raising the quality of our experiences. By imagining ourselves in situations where those emotions are felt, we can recognize experiences that we are attracted to by the energy of our heart-mind, the intelligence of our heart. The deeper we journey into this way of being, the more expansive our awareness becomes, as we realize that unconditional creative love enlivens every experience.

By changing what we intentionally recognize, we change our life experiences accordingly.

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