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Cosmic Consciousness

For those of us who have managed to escape from the hypnotic trance of humanity, even momentarily, we recognize that there are no limits to our consciousness. Whatever we wonder about or focus upon and feel, fills our being instantly. We can know anything and everything, because we participate in the conscious life force of the unified quantum field. We can just be a presence of self-conscious awareness, or we can express ourselves in any form, anywhere. This is a timeless experience. We can be aware of lifetimes on earth in detail and return to humanity’s trance in a second.

Once we express ourselves within the limits of humanity’s spectrum of energy, we do not allow ourselves to recognize or understand our true Being. We commit ourselves to the Earth experience with humanity in order to deepen our understanding of being. If we allowed ourselves to know our true Being, we could not recognize the low-vibration situations as real, and we would miss the whole point of being here. We are in a school of anomalous energy transformation.

There comes a time, though, when the game of limitation is finished. We’re about there now. Everyone who’s ready is now awakening from the trance. This is when we all expand our conscious awareness to our divine nature, intimately connected with the essence of our Creator. Once we realize the true essence of our Being, we can align ourselves with its high-vibration frequency. We are free spirits, sovereign and eternal, prompted by our intuitive knowing and the unconditional love flowing through our Being with our conscious life force. We feel each other’s presence and quality of being, and we attract those who resonate best with us, and with whom we most enjoy being.

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