Continuing to Expand our Awareness

On the inner path toward being our true Self, we can seek the vibrations of love and compassion. These are expressions from the heart of our Being and are radiating within our perceived being and all around us. We’ve been distracted from inner knowing, by being constantly programmed to live in ego-consciousness. We have been unaware of our inner knowing, while it is the source of truly knowing anything.

We can keep searching for higher vibratory patterns to come into our awareness. As we encounter others, there are predominant vibrations that we all carry in our consciousness. When we are aware of how we feel in each encounter, we instantly know the polarity and frequency level of the vibrations. If we feel some negativity, we can recognize it and envelop it in our positive radiance of Being. If we can find some light in the beings we encounter, we can relate to that light--that glimmer of Creator Consciousness. If there is no positive connection, we can still maintain our own polarity and frequency patterns. Situations then arrange themselves for the energy to come into alignment with the quality of our focused attention.

As we gain proficiency in maintaining a focus on a possibly real, possibly imaginary, world that is wonderful in all ways, we give it more of our life force through emotional knowing, we begin to make the transition into a higher dimension of energetics and living. As we delve into it, we begin to feel greater joy and gratitude for the wonders of our conscious awareness, which can be completely clear. We can begin to feel much more deeply, with more nuances in our emotional awareness.

On the way to clarity, we can learn to become aware of our awareness. We can become consciousness watching consciousness. As we become aware of the qualities of energies in our awareness, we can intentionally seek alignment with high-vibration feelings and life-enhancing thoughts. When we can do this in our encounters, regardless of what the situation may be, we can become masters at modulating energy into alignment with the life-creating energies of Creator Consciousness. We can begin to enter into our eternal, infinite awareness.

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