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For anyone who may be on a spiritual path, but the journey is not yet clear, pay attention to how you feel in any moment, and then recognize the quality of feeling in the conscious beings around you. All of them, plants, animals, Gaia, even the Sun and stars. These are all conscious beings, who are expressing themselves as their chosen forms, as are we. We have planned our entire human experience, so that we could develop deep compassion and greater wisdom. We had to explore the depths of low-frequency vibrations, so that we could develop our emotional awareness and intentionally choose greater alignment with vibrations that feel the best that we can allow ourselves to realize.

If we look for them, we can recognize our limitations. Our essential Self knows all of them, and allows our personal drama to play out. We created our ego consciousness, with our self-imposed false beliefs and limitations, to learn to choose more elevating states of Being. We can have emotional and mental alignment with the vibratory frequency of the energy patterns that we focus our attention on. By maintaining the emotional vibratory level of joy as much as possible, we can transform our false beliefs and resolve our limitations. We can be aware of our eternal presence of Being. Apart from our body and the empirical world, our consciousness is universal. We arise out of the consciousness of the Creator-Being as fractals of Self. We are expressions of universal consciousness and can know the entirety of it. We are not mere humans. This is only our current expression, which has largely served its purpose for us.

We have the opportunity to step through the portal into a higher dimension of Being. The vibratory patterns here are of positive-polarity, high-vibration feelings and thoughts. This is the realm of truth in everything. The energies around us are transforming from negative to positive polarity, from fear to joy and are rising in frequency. This expanding consciousness is felt in all conscious beings. We are being drawn to awareness of entering the universal consciousness of the Creator and recognizing our awareness beyond time and space. We can be aware of our eternal presence of awareness with infinite creative abilities.

Our ego consciousness cannot grasp any of this. We created it to struggle to get us through the human experience. It had to operate without intrusive higher guidance, and preferably be unaware of it. So here we are, limitations and all. Now we have the opportunity to transcend our ego consciousness joyously. We can be guided in every moment by our intuition, through the conscious life force flowing into the heart of our Being. Once we place our attention on our intuition and can recognize it, we can have a productive inner dialogue for higher guidance.

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