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Continuing Conscious Expansion

We have been held back from realizing our greater Self beyond time and space, because we have been afraid of “what if” disempowering situations. To make the leap into the awareness of love everywhere, we must leave all fear behind. There are no “what-if” situations, unless we, on some level, align with fear of them. Without fear, we can open ourselves to miracles, which are just excursions into a higher dimension, and which then manifest their vibrational level in our experiences. Our lives can become magical, once we learn to control our attention and maintain high emotional vibrations.

The secret of expanding consciousness is love. Fear contracts and shuts down our flow of life force. Love expands our life force and our radiant presence. Love enables us to know the source of our life force and fills us with gratitude. We’re uncomfortable around fear, because it’s not our natural vibration. Fear is a spectrum of vibrations that we could not experience, unless we closed ourselves off to our Self-realization. As we become aware of our true Being, fear fades away, for it needs our life force to exist. We’ve experienced what we needed in order to develop deep compassionate wisdom.

We can now return to our unlimited consciousness and abilities, our true Self. We can be comfortable in the presence of love. This vibratory level leads to an awareness of universal consciousness. We can know the essence of our Being and realize that the same essence envelopes us in every pattern of energy and everything around us in the quantum field. We are consciously personal participants in the field of energetic vibrations, which we can recognize and transform with our imagination and emotions into high vibratory experiences. We are multi-dimensional Beings, and we can open ourselves beyond the boundaries of dimensions. In the spectrum of the energy of the heart of our Being, we can realize our eternal Self. Forever after, fear is only a memory.

We can live in whatever vibratory level we choose, because we are the Creators. We are the personal aspects of the Universal Creator consciousness, from whose Being we arise to provide experiences that enrich the universal consciousness. In our current human dimension, we’ve provided all manor of low-vibrational experiences of fear. These have deepened and expanded our conscious awareness beyond our natural state of Being. As we leave all of this behind, we can envision and feel for more beauty, freedom and love. We can free ourselves from the limitations we’ve placed upon our awareness in imagining living in wonderful experiences. By living consciously beyond time and space, we can become masters of the current spectrum of human energy.

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