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Continuing a Deeper Understanding of Life

In every moment we can receive complete realization of the infinite essence of who we are. Our potential abilities and conscious realization are so far beyond the apparent limitations of humanity, that we have been unable even to imagine eternal, unlimited awareness and infinite creative ability for the enhancement of all life everywhere. Flowing to us always is the conscious creative life force that is the essence of the universal consciousness that all living beings participate in, and that endows us with constant creative power, expressing itself in energetic alignment with our state of being.

By our predominant thoughts and emotions in every moment, we express the polarity and vibratory frequency of our creations. By realizing ourselves as the humans that we have been taught to be, we have believed that we are mortal and subject to a higher power. If we thoroughly examine this realization, it becomes unbelievable. Energetically, we are expressors of consciousness. Our expression radiates from the essence of our awareness in the form of electromagnetic waves having our individual polarity and frequency in the way that we modulate them through our imagination and emotions, within the energetic boundaries that we impose upon ourselves.

Through our awareness and interactions with the world that we make real for ourselves through our realization, we participate in a play designed to guide us to awareness of our inner knowing. When we engage with the energetics of duality, we remain confined within the spectrum of vibrations of this realm. Fighting against energies that we dislike or feel threatened by holds us within the polarity and frequency patterns of those energies and continues our creation of this spectrum of energetics in our experience. We can ask ourselves what we are afraid of. This is the basis of our limiting experiences and the essence of our ego-consciousness.

We can allow all energies of every kind to exist, those we love and those we feel challenged by. We do not need to seek anything out or try to destroy or avoid any of them. We can just be present and aware of all potentialities. This ability is within our own consciousness, and we can open ourselves to its realization. We don’t have to seek it. We can just be present in clarity and allow the fulfillment of our Being and awareness of greater energetic dimensions to come into our realization.

We can sense what is enhancing all of life. In the heart of our Being, we know what this is. It is called unconditional love and creative life force. By aligning with this energy, we become our true, expansive Self, unlimited in every way and possessing mastery of every situation that comes into our experience.

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