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Consequences of Free-Will Choice

We create, direct and act out our lives according to the qualities of our intentional and unintentional thoughts and feelings in each moment. These are the expressions that arise out of our predominant emotional and mental polarity and vibratory levels. The essence of our creative ability is the way that we modulate electromagnetic wave patterns.

Every experience is an encounter with electromagnetic waves and patterns of waves. We are endowed with free will and have the choice of which wave patterns we recognize. These become the reality we experience. Our personal energetic signature is radiant and projects its vibratory resonance into the quantum field, out of which everything arises and disappears trillions of times each second. As our own energetics change, so do our creations and experiences. The situations around us naturally change in quality as our energetics express them.

We create what we longingly or fearfully dwell upon very much. It is what we believe is happening and what will happen. There is no difference in the creative power of our fears or our desires. It all gets filtered through our beliefs, submissions and intentions. By intentionally choosing a level of vibration to focus upon and feel, we can train our subconscious to resonate in alignment. Through repetition or sudden shock, we can create energetic pathways that become predominant in our consciousness. These are the changing components of our personality.

We are playing roles within a humanly created realm that we have been programmed to believe is empirical and real, and that we do not exist outside of the boundaries of this realm. We’re here to learn about negative polarity experiences in order to expand our consciousness into a realm that we could not imagine otherwise. When we’ve had enough of this dimension, we begin to look for something more expanded, and we start to feel our intuition more strongly.

As we become sensitive to our inner knowing, we recognize that we prefer a positive polarity. We would rather live in love than in fear. We begin to transform our lives. We no longer need to suffer or fear death. We can begin to recognize that, in our essence, we are pure Self-aware consciousness. We exist in the eternal ever-present moment. We can express ourselves in any body or dimension that we can feel in alignment with. We are completely free and sovereign, able to create any experience that we choose.

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