Consciousness of One

One consciousness envelopes everything that exists in all dimensions. We participate in the One consciousness, and we access as much of it as we believe we can. Because we are free-will beings, all of our limitations are self-imposed by our acknowledgement and acceptance.

The essence of the One consciousness is unconditional love, vitality and light. This is the energy that unites us all in our mutual awareness. It is the energy of our essential being. It is available to us when we drop all beliefs based in fear, victimhood, or any threats outside of our personal being. Because of our physical embodiment, we have a strong sense of being separated entities, which is an illusion, because we are energy beings who constantly create experiences for ourselves with our energy signature. We control our energy signature by our habitual thoughts, emotions and intentions.

As we align our awareness with the energy of our heart, we raise the vibrations of our energy signature and access a greater expanse of conscious awareness. We also create a higher quality of life for ourselves and radiate these frequencies to those around us. Since we all share the same universal consciousness, we influence all other conscious entities and are influenced by them. When we focus on them, they become aware of our attention, and our energy signatures interact. We feel this interaction emotionally and can direct the vibrational level through our intention. It is possible to exchange energy in a heart-felt way telepathically with the intent to be only loving, compassionate and kind always. This intent directs the emotional frequency of the exchange to be higher, more expansive and more unifying.

The intent of humanity to be aware of our unity of consciousness is growing as the vibrational resonance of the Earth continues to rise and more individuals awaken to awareness of the One. This is our destiny.

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