Consciousness beyond Physical Embodiment and Death

A great challenge for us as humans is knowing who we truly are as living, conscious beings. In the empirical world that we share, we intuitively learn to block our awareness beyond our physical senses. Accidentally or intentionally, some of us occasionally have experiences beyond the body, in which we greatly expand our conscious awareness. Those who have experienced near-fatal accidents and medical procedures resulting in temporary death, as well as deep meditations and psychotropic trips have given us reports of realms of pure consciousness beyond the empirical. Here’s a link to many reports of after-death experiences:

What happens after physical death? The reports vary greatly, but all agree that we maintain our personal identity as conscious beings. We become conscious awareness without a physical presence. We exist in a dimension that is compatible with our level of vibration and within the confines of our beliefs, just as when we are embodied.

We have been caught in a reincarnation cycle, but this has now been released. Humanity is now in a transition to a higher dimension of living with greater light and joy in our personal being, our relationships and our environment. The polarity of our planet has shifted from negative to positive, from life-diminishing to life-enhancing energies. We are returning to the conscious essence of our Creator. Prompted by the rising positive energetics of Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth, and our enveloping cosmic environment, as partially evidenced on the Shumann Resonance graph (see, we are expanding our consciousness into a higher realm of greater beauty, love and joy.

Physical death is not termination of our consciousness, it is a transition into greater awareness, but without the experiential power of physical life. Our experiences in the body give us deep conscious impressions that are not possible in our spirit presence. As we intentionally move into higher levels of consciousness, our mental and emotional abilities expand, and we become more creative in life-enhancing experiences. This is possible while embodied, and even more so beyond the third-density empirical world.

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