Expanding Our Personal Abilities

By expanding our awareness beyond the limitations of our physical bodies, we can believe and deeply know that we are eternal and unlimited in our consciousness. For most of us this involves practicing conscious breathing, transcendental meditation, using biofeedback devices, yoga, Eckankar and other techniques that help us realize our capabilities. Our intuitive knowing becomes experiential knowing beyond our human limitations.

As our expanding awareness opens to recognition of our participation in universal consciousness, we realize that we can recognize the energy patterns of all that exists and the essential being of our Creator. Our belief in separation from one another and from the Source of our life dissolves in our alignment with divine love. We are becoming our true Selves, able to understand and realize our creative ability as unlimited. We are the personalized essence of unconditional love and joyous being.

Conflict within ourselves and with others becomes impossible, because we experientially know the truth of our Being. We no longer have fear or unfulfilled needs. The grand experiment of living within the limitations of human consciousness is changing, as the Earth rises in resonant frequency, and blasts of conscious gamma ray photons from our galactic core upgrade our DNA and enhance our conscious abilities.

With our knowledge of quantum energetics and our ability to transcend our limited perceptions, we are transforming the energy spectrum of humanity into a higher dimension of living. Human life is to be no longer about survival and enslavement, but a celebration of unconditional love, joy and beauty in infinite creative potential and realization.

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