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Consciously Being Our Eternal Selves

We can realize within ourselves the knowing of our true nature as infinite beings of love and light, because this is who we are. To be in this space, it’s helpful to take four or five deep breaths and manage to smile as we do so. We change our disposition to intending to be at peace. We direct our inner vision and feelings to a higher realm that has an experiential feeling of joy and awareness of the presence within that knows everything and flows with divine, high-frequency energy.

We may know who are, and yet we may still unconsciously perceive ourselves and our world through the perspective of limitation. In our daily lives, some of us unconsciously still shift back to the old way of thinking of ourselves. Our limitations confine us to an eventual death. That should be enough to motivate us to look for a bigger picture with an expanded understanding.

We need resolve our self-imposed limitations, because we innately want a higher-frequency environment in ourselves. Our true happiness results from realizing the truth of our eternal, infinite, and unconditionally loving being. We can transform a low-frequency perspective by intentionally seeking the energy of our heart. Here is where we find joy, love, beauty, and excitement to manifest in our lives.

Our eternal and infinite being always imagines ourself as unlimited in every way. We know ourselves as our eternal presence, constantly expanding in conscious awareness, and raising the frequency of our energy signature. This attracts experiences on every level in alignment with our state of being. This is our next leap in consciousness.

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