Conscious Mental and Emotional Awareness

What is consciousness, and how is it different from our mind? Consciousness is self-realization. The mind arises from consciousness and is the thinker of thoughts and concepts. Consciousness is the essence of our being. For each of us, it is self-awareness as a personalized eternal presence of being. It is the force of our life and the creative essence from which all attributes and abilities arise. It is the creative cause of everything. We are consciousness, sharing awareness with all that exists, to the extent that our beliefs allow us. We are fractals of the universal consciousness, being identical to the Creator in every way. In our complete Being, we are Creators, having infinite abilities in every way.

Our mind facilitates the expression of our beliefs, keeping us from realizing our complete essence. All of our limited beliefs about ourselves have been formed without our intuitive guidance, which comes from our consciousness. We have given control of our consciousness over to our mind, which controls our thoughts. Our mind does not know how our emotions are the empowering creative energy that provides our experiences. Our emotions arise directly from our consciousness, not from the mind, but they can both affect each other. The mind has blindfolded our consciousness. By removing the blinders, we achieve self-realization of our complete essence.

The virtual reality Matrix that we have lived in together is an illusion. The way of understanding how to participate successfully in this Matrix, is to feel the vibrations in our present moment and imagine the quality of energy. By recognizing the vibrational level of the energy in our presence, we can choose to change it. We have that ability. We are modulators of energy patterns. We can change the vibrations of our emotions and our thoughts, which affects our personal energy signature. Our personal energy signature radiates conscious photons into the quantum field that envelops us, creating the quality of our experiences. We are beings of light, beyond the material virtual-reality world.

In our current incarnation, our personal truth is present in our awareness coming through our heart as our intuition. This is where our mental attention can be peaceful and gracious. In opening our awareness to our intuitive knowing, we are aligning with the vibrations of our essential Being. We become expressions of the divine Creator.

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