Conscious Expansion

In quantum physics consciousness holds the forms of the energy signatures of all entities that exist. But whose consciousness? This consciousness is the absolute One. It is the Prime Creative Source of everything. There is nothing beyond it. Its life force flows to the photon, giving it access to universal consciousness, as has been proved in the double slit experiment. This is the same consciousness of ascended masters, and it’s the same consciousness that we participate in. There is only One Consciousness that permeates the being of everything that exists. It enables everything to exist by imbuing every energy signature with Its life force, enabling every entity to express itself.

Humans have the unique ability to change the frequency spectrum of our entire empirical experience through understanding the process and using our imagination and emotions to upgrade our beliefs and experiences. Emotionally we reach for the high-frequency energy of our heart, and this is what we always want to be aware of. It Is the feeling of love, peace and joy. By feeling these vibrations, we can easily imagine wonderful scenarios that we want to experience. If we do this whenever we have the opportunity, we raise our energy signature to a higher frequency spectrum, which raises all vibrations that we attract, thus transforming our life experiences in miraculous ways.

We experience the quality of life that our energy signature expresses. By raising our emotional vibrations and thoughts, we raise the frequency of our energy signature and raise the quality of our experiences. This also expands our conscious awareness and allows us access to still higher frequencies, resulting in greater love and joy and abundance in our experiences. As we expand, we become more and more aware of universal consciousness, resulting in telepathy, clairaudience, and awareness of higher-dimensional beings. It becomes clear that we all share the same consciousness. Those who are most aligned with the divine energy of our heart are the most expanded beings and have the greatest radiance. It’s all a matter of understanding energy and the choice to create more loving and joyous experiences. And we learned all of this from the energy signature of a single photon.

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