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Complete Freedom

Can we even imagine that? We have so many inner limitations that the outer ones are insignificant. From ancient times we carry the emotional scars of experiences of sheer terror and unspeakable pain, great shame and horrific fear. We’ve all had them in one life or another, and we’ve developed self-protection from those memories by having emotional blocks. These limit our freedom.

We have the ability to create any crazy situation we can imagine. Some of us went dark, to check out what it offered and felt like. We found that it’s ultimately self-destructive, because it shuts off the flow of life-force from the Creator. It does not want the light and the compassion that accompanies it. Because the consciousness of Earth is rising in frequency, all of the dark is being brought to the light.

Imagine life with total confidence enjoying a vibe of love and joy and abundance in every way. This is our natural state of being. It’s how we were created in the Being of the Creator, each having free-will consciousness, and everyone living in love and joy and compassion. It is in knowing these high-vibration emotions that we stay in alignment with our heart and our true Being.

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