Clearing Personal Limitations

Quantum physics has proved that photons have unlimited conscious awareness, as do all sub-atomic entities. By logical extension this means that consciousness is universal. Everything composed of sub-atomic particles and waves exhibits conscious awareness. Consciousness is not an entity, nor a property of anything. It is the basis of everything. Consciousness is the creative and sustaining intelligent principle of the cosmos. It is the first cause of everything. It is how we know who we are.

Since we have free will as an aspect of our personal conscious awareness, we can accept and create limitations to our awareness, which we all have done. We have self-imposed boundaries of our consciousness, limits beyond which we cannot perceive. These limitations we have accepted from our parents and ancestors, our social conditioning and our own fears and traumatic experiences. They all serve to keep our realizations of our own being enclosed within a spectrum of vibrations that we have learned to be comfortable with. Most of us don’t even know that we have these limitations, or that we can release them and expand our conscious awareness greatly. We just live with our flaws and believe that this is who we are. But it’s not true.

To begin transforming our consciousness blocks, we need to become aware of them. They are all buried deep in our subconscious, hidden from our awareness. But when they get stimulated emotionally, they make themselves known to one who is observing the operations of his or her own consciousness. Once they are recognized, they can be thanked for their service and loved for protecting the ego from extreme pain, which is how they were first formed. Every block is based on fear. They are no longer useful for consciousness expansion and may be eliminated consciously.

Fear is not a natural emotion for us. It is only possible if we understand ourselves to be mortal and less than sovereign over our person. If we were created with these defects, their vibrations would permeate our quantum field and lead to self-destruction, due to the great lack of resonance of all the energy signatures. The only way to vitality is resonance with the divine energy flowing through our heart, which is our highest spectrum of frequencies (for now).

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