Realizing Our Present Awareness

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

It can be a challenge for us to just be present in awareness and hold that focus, but it is a necessary step toward Self-Realization. In this state, we can be very sensitive to our intuitive knowing. We can feel our own vibrations, and we can choose to use our focus creatively. We can envision and feel ourselves living in the world of positive, high-vibratory experiences. We can be grateful for our conscious Being and for every situation that we experience, because it is for the benefit of our expanding awareness.

As we are able to stay high in our emotions and thoughts in threatening situations, we elevate the energy around us. We become inspiring to others, and our personal experiences come into alignment with our rising energy signature.

Without internal interference, we can align with our true nature. We have established our limiting distractions and beliefs over the course of our lifetime, and they are deep-seated. We need to resolve them with patience, compassion and strong intention. We created our ego to be needy and to take us into low-vibratory, negative situations in order to expand our awareness of what those vibrations feel like. We’ve learned to survive as slaves, victims, villains and rulers, all without higher guidance.

When we’ve had enough negative experiences to know that we prefer positive, high-vibration thoughts and feelings, we can begin to trust ourselves to be true. With practice this awakens our latent abilities, which we could not realize until we were ready to live in the expanding awareness of universal consciousness, the consciousness of the Creator. This is our eternal present awareness beyond limitations and the power of our creativity.

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