Choosing Our Quality of Life

In our personal consciousness we have chosen to be in our current situation in order to experience the energy that we are confronting. In the energetic dimension of humanity, it appears that we are living in a world that is outside of our own consciousness, because we have enclosed our consciousness in our physical bodies. Our bodies may be forcibly controlled by powers that seem to be outside of us, but our attention and perspective are uniquely our own always. There is no force outside of ourselves that can control our attention, which is our primary capability for personal growth and development.

We can open our awareness to a much greater truth about ourselves. If we are interested in expanding our consciousness, we can search our own sense of self for greater understanding. We can feel the quality of vibratory frequencies that fill our awareness. These stimulate our emotions and imagination. We can choose to focus on the feelings that we prefer.

We inhabit a quantum field of limitless energetic patterns and frequencies that we are not aware of until we focus on them. We have the free choice of which ones we recognize and allow into our realization, our emotions and imagination. These are the energies that become real for us in our experience. Other beings can project energetic patterns to us, but they cannot force us to focus on them. We recognize them only if we are open to them. We have absolute power over the quality of vibrations that we entertain in our awareness.

As fractals of the universal consciousness of the Prime Creator, we are designed to fill our awareness with the unconditional love and light that constantly flows through our essence, along with our personal vitality. When we choose to focus away from this energetic resonance, we feel unfulfilled in every way. We are well-acquainted with all of these feelings, and we know what we want. We just need to know that we have the innate power to create the life we deeply desire and to expand our consciousness beyond our human limitations just by being loving, compassionate and forgiving in all our encounters. By enveloping ourselves with high-quality vibrations, we transform our lives and the lives of everyone around us who is open to this energy.

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