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Choosing our Personal Circumstances

We are the creators of our personal reality, and we also influence everything beyond our own being, because we each manifest ourselves as an energetic presence. The most significant aspect of our being is our energetic vibration and polarity. We manifest ourselves as either negative, fear-based persons or positive, love-based persons. We can also be neutral observers. It is the neutral place where we can best detect the quality of energy in our presence and choose to align with it, just observe it or transform it.

We become aware of the quality of the energies in our own being and in our encounters through our emotions. When we feel unhappy and unfulfilled, we are in low-frequency, negative and life-draining energy patterns. When we feel happy and joyful, we are in high-frequency, positive, light-filled and life-enhancing energy patterns.

We can feel that we have no choice about our experiences, especially when our circumstances are deeply negative, but this is not true. Through our attention, consciously and subconsciously, we have created the quality of our circumstances. Through the vibrations that we choose to hold in our thoughts and feelings, we electromagnetically attract the same quality of vibratory patterns into our experience. It is the intersection of our predominant thoughts and feelings that creates our personal energy signature. This is the frequency that we radiate into the quantum field for manifestation into our experiences.

We are designed to align with the positive, unconditional love of the universal consciousness of our Creator essence. This is the direction of the flow of our conscious life force and is our natural state of being. This is the reason we feel good when we’re in the love vibration, and we feel bad when we’re in the fear vibration. We’re capable of many complex thoughts and feelings and personal dramas, but if we can understand the simple structure of our essence, we can choose to direct our lives in the best ways we desire.

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