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Choosing Our Experiential Reality

What we perceive, imagine, feel and believe in each moment determines our experience. Each of these components depends upon what we choose or accept. We do not experience what we do not choose and accept as our personal reality. As humans, our empirical perceptive ability is limited to a small segment of the totality of the quantum field, but the potential of our conscious awareness is unlimited. We can open ourselves to our inner knowing in a way that is far beyond our human perceptive experience, and we can enhance our ability to experience life on this planet.

The primary factor in creating our life experiences is our belief structure. This is how we have established the limitations to our awareness. We cannot experience what we do not believe is possible. If we believe that we are shameful, guilt-ridden and mortal, we cannot experience our loving and immortal true Being. If we choose to transform our lives, we can resolve our false, limiting beliefs about ourselves, first be recognizing them and then by realizing their unreality.

How do we know what’s real? The only reality is what we know within ourselves through our intuition. We are designed to be completely Self-determined. Each of us is the creator of all of our experiences through our inner processes, which are determined by our perspective. We have allowed ourselves to be taught by others about what to believe and what to expect. None of this has any meaning or effect upon us, unless we choose to make it so. Our free-will and creative ability extend to absolutely everything.

We are limited only in that we cannot interfere with the conscious Being of others, because we are all sovereign in our eternal Selves. We are fractals of the Creator of all, endowed with unlimited creative ability, as much as we trust ourselves to experience. This we can know only within our own Being through our intuition, which we can teach ourselves to know intimately in deepest love and alignment with Creator consciousness.

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