Choosing Our Destiny

Some of us live in life-threatening situations. Some of us suffer silently. Some of us fight angrily against oppressors. Life on this planet has many challenges and low-vibration experiences. What is the purpose for all of this, and why are we involved in so much struggle and suffering? Most of us believe that destiny provides our experiences, and that we must react to them in the ways that our ego consciousness needs to survive.

All of our experiences operate by the law of attraction. By focusing on our problems, we continue to create them. By fighting against our enemies, we enable enemies that we want to fight against. By believing that we must be subject to all of these difficulties, we limit ourselves to experiencing them.

We have absolute control over what we experience. It is all a reflection of our own consciousness. Nothing exists outside of our own Being. Once we recognize who we are in our true Being, we can command every situation in our experience.

Quantum physicists have proved that everything in our experience is a complex field of electromagnetic wave patterns and fluctuations that respond to our awareness. These wave patterns are conscious and have their own life force. When we give them our attention, they respond immediately by becoming situations that we perceive, feel and experience. The quantum field contains every possible experience in patterns of energy waves that we attract by our vibratory frequency, our personal energy signature. This is the energy that we align with in our thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

With our thoughts and imagination we create the forms of our experiences. With our emotions we create the content that we feel. It all arises for us out of the quantum field instantaneously in every moment. If we react to pain and suffering with feelings of pain and suffering, we continue to create situations that elicit those emotions. If we want to change our experiences, we have the free will to focus on higher-vibratory emotions, such as compassion and kindness. This kind of energetic radiance results in a higher-quality experience arising for us.

We can raise the quality of our human experience by raising the focus of our thoughts and emotions in our interactions with one another. We must choose the focus of our attention. By raising the frequency of our personal energy signature, we open ourselves to inspiring, loving and joyful interactions with one another, and we attract others living in the same spectrum of energy.

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