Choose Enslavement or Freedom

In our true Being, we are absolutely sovereign, completely fearless in the face of the most fearsome threat, and filled with unconditional love and compassion. We are powerful beyond measure, able to create universes. In our current situation, this is so far beyond the imagination of most of us, that we do not consider it seriously.

We have already mastered every circumstance that can be experienced, yet many of us live in poverty and desperation, because we do not understand and feel our essential Being. In order to know what it is like to be separate from our true Being, we have been living in a dreamscape of unreality that we believe is real. In the truth of our Being, we would not be able to experience the lower vibrations of Earth life, because we would know that feeling vulnerable and fearful would be artificial. We’ve all agreed to subject ourselves to this convincing virtual experience, because we want to know and feel the reality of this condition, so that we can be done with it forever more. We will never choose these experiences again.

Now that some of us have awakened to our soul essence, how can we awaken the rest? So many of us are so locked into the simulation of the 3D matrix that they have been unable to realize their situation. Quantum physics has been a great help in teaching us that reality is what we choose to recognize. Nothing in our empirical realm exists apart from our own personal consciousness. It is all a quantum field of infinite potentialities until we recognize and feel something that we imagine is real. We have created our entire physical experience through our shared imagination and emotions, much of it because we have been telepathically and subconsciously trained by our society and media.

As the Spirit of Earth now brightens and experiences a quantum environment of increasing quantities of gamma ray photons, her vibratory resonance continues to rise, making it easier to awaken to our inner light and transcendence. We are all personalized expressions of the essence of our Creator, living in the universal consciousness that encompasses everything. We can all choose to realize this and recognize who we really are. As more of us awaken, we telepathically draw the others with us.

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