Celebration of Ascension

Jesus was the master of his life, and he drew others into alignment with his vibration. He told us that his essence is our essence. Everything that he could do, we can do also. We need to take this seriously. I expect that soon we’ll see lots of people walking on water. Many of us are very close to complete alignment with our higher Selves. In this perspective ascension can happen. We still have some DNA transformation needed to operate in a higher dimension, because our DNA has been disabled and is now in the process of rebuilding and transforming. All of this is observable in the areas where our natural vibratory frequency experiences anomalies in its wave patterns. These are our problems, all of which we have personally created for our experience. Now they must come into alignment with the energy of our heart. Once we are aligned with unconditional love and joy, we can know our true essence of Being, which vibrates through our heart. It expresses itself with high-frequency emotions in alignment with our heart energy. Here we experience compassion, forgiveness, deep understanding, unconditional love, peace and joy, if this is what we allow ourselves to experience.

If we can recognize ourselves as an eternal presence of self-awareness, we can live without limitations of any kind, because we have conscious access to the creativity of the quantum field. Our emotions radiate the energy that becomes our experience. We are constantly modulating energy patterns with our consciousness. As we become more perfectly aligned with our intuition and highest emotions, we become clearer and more expansive in our perspective. We can complete the regeneration of our bodies with our consciousness, and we can ascend whenever we’re ready. We can live in both dimensions. We attract others who want to awaken to their true Selves. This is how humanity ascends. We can do what Jesus did. We can ascend.

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