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Calming Our Ego with Higher Guidance

Our challenge in finding our inner divine guidance rests in making peace with our ego consciousness. We can sit quietly and breathe deeply and rhythmically, listening to inspiring music, observing every thought that passes before our awareness, questioning its reason for being and how it feels. Then let it go, as another arises, and we examine it. We are learning what is important to us on a deep level. Thoughts that seek our attention arise from somewhere within our consciousness. If we can be present in a perspective of acceptance and compassion, our true nature will arise for us to recognize. It is brilliant and wonderful to experience.

Once we begin to recognize the energy of greatest love arising within us, we can allow it to envelope us in its high-vibrational frequency, expanding our awareness beyond our personal dramas and encompassing the vastness of eternal Being. This does not usually happen all at once. It is a process that we can practice every day.

Eventually we can become aware of how the beliefs that we have been trained to hold keep us from deepest knowing of who we are. We’ve allowed ourselves to be programmed not to question them, but question them we must, if we want to be free spirits in unlimited Being. We have been held in patterns of existence that are uncomfortable and demeaning by our beliefs about ourselves. We have believed that we must be subject to the actions of others outside of our own persons for our well-being or our deprivation.

When we settle into the feeling of our deepest Being, apart from any condition that confronts us, we can recognize that we are pure consciousness. We begin to expand into inner knowing, beyond our experience in the empirical world. We can recognize our ability to feel higher vibratory energy and to know that we have a choice always to focus on any patterns of energy that we desire, regardless of our seeming outer experience. It is our choice that creates the quality of our experiences. Our choices can be guided by our ego consciousness, which is rooted in fear for survival, or the ego can be trained to wait for higher guidance that we can be aware of in our intuitive knowing. Following our intuition transforms our lives into experiences of love, beauty and abundance. These are our natural conditions, apart from our conditioned beliefs, which have kept us enslaved to low-vibration energies.

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