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Building Escape Velocity

We can realize deeper aspects of each other, and be more conscious of feeling the presence of each other, whether present physically or not. We can feel the radiance even at a great distance. We can feel the energy signatures of each other. We feel vibrational patterns. We can move through the anomalies of personalities to the essential Being of each of us. We can resolve all of the low-vibration energy patterns that arise by staying in a high-frequency spectrum, the realm of compassion, love, joy and wisdom.

We are not bound by the Matrix of humanity’s energy spectrum, unless we choose to be. There are alternate realities all around us in different energy spectra that we can become aware of by aligning our imagination and emotions to a spectrum of frequencies that we want to experience. We express ourselves as energy beings that appear in a spectrum of vibrations that stimulate our senses in a way that our consciousness interprets as physical or empirical.

The world of human experience consists of patterns of electromagnetic energy waves that we recognize as the real world. It’s no more real than any other world that we can imagine, except that all of us are focused on this spectrum of energy. We exist in a unified quantum field of all potentialities. Any scenario is possible. We are the creators through our ability to modulate the wave patterns in the quantum field with our thoughts and emotions. We determine the frequency spectrum of energy that we live in, and the quantum field gives us infinite potential.

We can navigate successfully through life by paying close attention to our emotions. Whenever fear arises, we can change perspective to resonate with high-vibration energy patterns that enable us to resolve our experience.

We can expand our conscious awareness beyond the spectrum of the human Matrix of energy, while at the same time raising the energy signature of humanity by living in high-vibrations of thoughts and emotions.

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