Breaking Out of Our Limitations

In our essential Being we are creators and experiencers. With the life force that we constantly receive out of the Being of the Prime Creator of all that exists, we constantly create the empirical world that we inhabit. We do this by the focus of our attention, using the energy patterns of the quantum field that we recognize with our thoughts and feel with our emotions.

There is no solid reality in our empirical realm. Our physical senses stimulate our awareness in a way that makes everything seem solid, but in reality it’s all energy vibrating in patterns of frequencies that our consciousness interprets as solid. By holding these energy patterns in our awareness, we create the situations that we experience. Our awareness is guided by our beliefs, especially our beliefs about who we are and what we’re capable of. From infancy we are taught by our family, society, government and religion who we are to believe we are and what we are allowed to be. We do not have to accept any of this, unless we want to. None of it is part of our true essence of Being.

If we are spiritual adventurers and explorers, we seek release from our programmed beliefs and want to find out what our real potential is. Through deep meditation, breath work, inspiring music and art and aligning with the energies of nature, we can begin to free ourselves from our social programming. If we can be calm and serene within, we can feel and know the energies of our heart, our innate intuitive knowing of our personal truth. We can feel the love and joy flowing into us through the life force streaming out of the conscious Being of our Creator. We can begin to live beyond our limiting beliefs.

In our intuitive knowing we can open our awareness to our eternal Being, unlimited by time and space and empirical stimulation. In our consciousness we can travel out of our physical body awareness into the cosmos of unlimited Being. We can become aware of our sovereignty and absolute freedom of Being. We can create anything we can imagine and feel. This is actually what we do all the time without realizing it. Every night we travel out of the body. We are constantly creating our experiences in the world that we recognize, just by the nature of our Being. We are free to change our situation in life at any time through our imagination and emotions.

In our essence we participate in the universal consciousness of our Creator, and we are capable of realizing this, once we release our limiting beliefs about ourselves and learn to recognize the vibrations that we love the most.

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