Beyond the Limits of Our Awareness

We’ve invented technology that has enabled us to perceive a much greater spectrum of our reality than our limited human senses have allowed. This has been possible, because inventors have had visions of possibilities beyond our normal experience. The same thing has happened in spirituality in terms of expanding our awareness. Although technology is not needed for conscious expansion, some can be helpful, such as biofeedback machines. By learning to control our minds and bio-rhythms, we can expand our awareness beyond the body. Many spiritual masters have taught exercises that enable greater consciousness. The result of having access to these developments is that we know much more about the nature of our would and our consciousness than our normal perceptions would allow.

Although technology is useful only in the empirical spectrum of electromagnetic energy patterns, spiritual awareness is unlimited in all frequencies. Technology has given us the knowledge of quantum physics, which has taken scientists to the limits of the mathematical and empirical realms. Beyond these boundaries is consciousness, which is the basis of everything.

Consciousness is who we are. We are pure awareness with unlimited creative abilities. Our consciousness is the consciousness of the Creator of all. We are creators of experiences. Currently we’re performing in the drama of Earth human life, and we’re taking this very seriously. Most of us are totally absorbed in it, so absorbed are we that we’ve forgotten why we’re doing this, and that its all a play in our own consciousness. Everything that we confront and experience here is an extension of our own consciousness, and we control the quality of our experiences in every moment. We are the quality-control experts in our lives, especially when we realize how to do this.

We can realize that we are designed to be creators, just like our Creator. It’s what we do, whether we realize it or not. We modulate the energy that flows through our awareness with our thoughts, emotions and intentions. We operate within whatever limits we have imposed upon ourselves through our beliefs about ourselves and our creations. The clearer we become in eliminating all of our beliefs, the closer we get to knowing our essential Being. It is from this perspective that we can express our Being with clear intent in the quality of our experiences.

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