Being the One Conscious Creator

In our true Being we are many persons in many dimensions simultaneously beyond time and space. Quantum physics has demonstrated that subatomic wave patterns can be in many places concurrently, until we observe them, when they become part of our time-space continuum and materialize for us. By logical extension, this applies to our presence here as well. Our personal beings are limited only by our own self-imposed constraints. Most of our other-dimensional persons are not consciously compartmentalized the way we are as Earth humans.

Having subjected ourselves to the spectrum of human consciousness, we have voluntarily closed off the awareness of our higher Self. We have largely lost touch with our intuitive knowing. We have allowed ourselves to believe that we are sinful and deserve to be enslaved. Many have allowed themselves even to be injected with nanobots in preparation for transhumanism, from which there can be no escape. We are at the turning point in history, when each of us must decide either to continue to allow ourselves to be enslaved even more drastically or to awaken to our true Being. There is no other choice. If we want to transform our lives, we must learn to use our consciousness as intended by our Creator.

Once we decide to transform ourselves, we enter the inward path to the energy of the heart of our Being. No one can take us there. It is a solo, personal journey of awakening. It cannot fully be taught; it can only be known. We can become acquainted with our true Innate Being, who serves us in compassionate wisdom and unconditional love and brings us every experience that we believe in and need for our personal growth and development as Beings of light and love.

We are being prompted by the current in the quantum field, which envelops us, to raise our vibratory frequency from the negative polarity, low frequency perspective of helplessness to the greatest expansion of our conscious awareness that we can imagine and feel. This process involves resolving all of our limiting beliefs of inferiority, lack and ultimate mortality in order to realize the eternal, unlimited creative power of our true Self.

When we begin to realize our truth, we can allow ourselves to trust our higher guidance. We can have absolute control of our life situations, regardless of everything that appears to be happening outside of us. All of that is actually a reflection of our own conscious processes. By intentionally living in gratitude and compassion, we elevate our vibrations and magically transform our lives.

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