Being Present and Aware

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Be in the present moment—just be aware and open now. If you are naturally in a state of inner joy and love, then you enjoy being present, knowing that you are completely cared-for and invulnerable to any intrusions from the lower vibrational octave. We are multi-dimensional and are now able to penetrate the veil that separates the frequency octaves. If you need a consciousness adjustment, be aware of your heart energy—feel it, ask it to intensify its vibratory feeling into your emotional body. You’ll know when you feel the love and joy. That’s the vibration to attune to and live within. It’s the vibration of miracles and wonders in the empirical world and just the natural state of being in the higher octave of emotion.

In order to achieve this conscious awareness we must be free of sub-conscious emotional blocks from any past trauma. We may ask our Innate Being to bring them to our awareness one at a time. As we recognize them, we thank them for their service of alerting us to what kind of energy we have created. We send them love from our heart. We forgive them for any of our pain. Then we withdraw our attention and life force from them, dissolving any emotional trauma. We become the masters of our lives.

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