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Being Open and Aware Beyond Beliefs

As long as we believe that we are no more than the body and personality that we live with, we cannot know anything more, unless we become so uncomfortable with our accustomed lives, that we begin to see hints of a better life. This situation is now establishing itself among humanity, because we are on the verge of complete enslavement and impoverishment world-wide to a ruthless group of low-vibration controllers, who are themselves feeling pain and discomfort in having to live with the rising resonant frequencies of this planet.

Finding out everything is energy, and nothing is substantial, leads to potential awareness of different frequencies and patterns of energy than we usually allow ourselves to encounter. We have the free choice of deciding where to put our attention and what we want to feel. The choices available to us are as great as our imaginations can be open to. We can get stuck with choices of forms, such as money or food or a new cell phone, and miss the important creative element, which is vibratory frequency and resonance. These characteristics of energy determine the quality of our experiences and whether they are beneficial.

We have the ability to transform energy patterns with our intentional will power. When we are clear and centered in our perspective, we wield potentially powerful creative radiance into the quantum field for manifestation in our experience. When we encounter any situation, we have the choice of how to receive it or react to it. If we align with the energy of the situation, we create more of it in our experience. If we can identify a situation from a perspective that is open to feeling the energy patterns that we face, we can choose to receive them as gifts, and that’s what they will become for us.

There is some measure of amplitude in the vibrations of every energy pattern, even very low-frequency ones. We can feel the quality of all vibrations that we allow into our awareness. Any energy patterns expressing low vibrations feel fearful at some level. When we realize that we are encountering fear, we can transform the situation by using it as a tool for greater realization. We can receive the energies with gratitude, love, compassion and confidence that it is for the good of all involved. By holding this vision, we change the energy signature of the situation, resulting in a higher-vibration experience. There is never a need for defending ourselves from low-vibration energy, when we constantly focus on high-vibration energy patterns of joy and gratitude, because we are the transformers.

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