Being in the World, but Not of It

Once we realize that we are living in an artificial matrix of energies that we constantly modulate with our own recognition, we can open our awareness to realms beyond. We no longer need our limited beliefs about ourselves and the nature of our reality. We no longer need to feel small and vulnerable. We can imagine more possibilities for our conscious awareness. We can create scenarios that we recognize and feel as real. With practice these levels of vibrations radiate out into the quantum field for manifestation of the qualities of experience that we feel and imagine.

There are an infinite number of life experiences available to us in every moment. We get to live with those experiences that resonate with our conscious state of being, how we recognize ourselves to be. We express this in our personal energy signature. All of our beliefs about ourselves are self-imposed in order to be engaged in the human experience. When we want to allow ourselves to be filled with the full light and joy of the Creator, we can look beyond our normal vibrations. We can intelligently examine each belief that arises. Is there any feeling of fear? Does it resonate with the energy of the heart?

If we are completely open to what we intuitively know, and we intend to expand our conscious awareness to our actual Being, our guidance comes to us, and we can know that we are unlimited in who we are. It probably takes more than a few minutes to register that fully and expand our feelings. We can have an encounter with our own reality. In gratitude we can feel the essence of our conscious life force flowing through us constantly. By intentionally choosing to be in high vibrations as much as possible, we raise the frequency of our energy signatures and radiate our vibrations into the quantum field. They magnetically attract energy patterns that resonate with us and also raise the vibrations of humanity. We are flowing in the natural rhythm of our life current, always creating whatever we need and want. We are providing experiences for our Creator, of whom we are fractals.

In this spectrum of energy, we possess great wisdom and compassion. We feel eternal and complete on every level. In this perspective, dealing with the situations among humans becomes assisting in awakening to resolution of all of the dramatic limitations being expressed. We can change the apparent world situation with our conscious recognition of the resolutions and coming into peacefulness.

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