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Being in Conscious Unity with All of Life

We were created to be able to experience consciously the entire spectrum of energies in all dimensions and to continuously create energy patterns with our thoughts and emotions. We are the creators of our thought patterns and emotional feelings in every moment. These two intersecting planes of electromagnetic wave patterns generate an energetic signature that emits photons throughout our human spectrum of energies within the plasma field of universal consciousness. Out of this consciousness arise wave patterns that align with our energetic signature, and which become our experiences in whatever dimension we inhabit.

We are constantly having experiences interacting with many different kinds of conscious beings, all of us acting freely however we choose. In the lower vibrations, we choose the life of enslavement to fear, ultimately fear of the termination of our consciousness. In this realm we have been blinded to knowing our greater Self, the One through Whom our life force flows to us. We can open ourselves to feeling this energy flow. By being aware of the source of our conscious Being, we can be beyond fear. We can realize our eternally present Self-Awareness.

Our true Self Awareness is unlimited in every way. We have an open consciousness that includes everything in universal consciousness that is present in the quantum now moment, which is beyond time and space. We can freely focus our attention on any quality of vibration that we desire to feel and envision. This is our nature. By directing our attention to higher and higher vibrations in energy patterns, we can learn to react and be compassionate, loving and understanding in all encounters, regardless of the vibrational pattern that we face.

When we can maintain a state of being that is completely objective, our emotional and mental planes will intersect at a zero point of neutrality in resonance. At these frequencies of wave patterns, we can be at rest mentally and emotionally or engaging in fulfilling interactions. By maintaining high frequencies in ourselves, we elevate the energy around us, and the patterns that cannot align with us begin to disappear from our experience. It is only when we allow ourselves to align with low-vibration, fear-based energy, that we create unenjoyable experiences for ourselves.

By aligning ourselves with the Source of our life force and consciousness, we enter an awareness of the greater Self of all creatures, who are all in our conscious Being, where we know unconditional love and a deep feeling of connection to all conscious Beings.

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