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Being Aware of Our Radiant Presence

We may live in a higher dimension of consciousness, but we still also participate in the world of duality as held in the consciousness of humanity. We are creating a world that is only positive, and we participate in it whenever we can imagine it, feel it and realize its reality. In our inner knowing, our intuition, we can pay attention to only positive and true promptings. These are part of our awareness, like our conscience. We receive often subtle senses, prompting us to do something or be aware of something. We can learn to trust these feelings and directions and let them guide us in navigating our lives. This is a step beyond ego-consciousness, requiring resolution of our self-limitations, so that we can be clear in our awareness.

As our awareness expands, we realize our multidimensionality. We can be aware of the radiant presence of everyone, both embodied and purely energetic. We can choose the level of light and emotional vibration that we prefer, as well as the kind of polarity. In making these choices, we align ourselves with others who resonate with us. In our own awareness, if we do not pay attention to negative energies, they disappear from our presence, except for those that we decide to transform in our imagination and feelings coming from our heart.

In our personal encounters, we may intend and be guided to enhance the lives of everyone, including ourselves. Everyone can be enfolded in our love and compassion, which come from an infinite Source, enhancing our lives as it flows through our consciousness.

We may encounter negative energies that attempt to force us into compliance with their vibrations, but they have no ability to do that, if we maintain a positive perspective of enhancing the lives of everyone. If the directed energy is negative for anyone, it is based in some level of fear or greed. Without our engagement and permission, it cannot affect us, once we realize our eternal presence of awareness beyond the body. No energy can affect us, unless we align with it. Negative experiences happen to us because we fear them. If we do not hold fear in our attention, its results do not manifest in our lives.

By aligning our intentions with the energies of the heart of our Being, we expand our awareness beyond our self-imposed limitations in time and space, as well as duality. We can transform our human presence into realizing and expressing our infinite Self.

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