Being Aware of Our Intuitive Guidance

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

By being sensitive to our intuition, we can be able to know everything we need to know in every moment. We may not have yet been able to know what intuition is or how to be aware of it. It arises from the heart of our Being. It is what we truly know in our deepest knowing. It is not influenced by anything outside of itself. It is moved by unconditional love and compassion for us. It is a constant presence beyond the conscious ego mind. It is part of our eternal awareness and is how we can know the unknowable.

We can become sensitive to the promptings and knowing of our intuition by being clear in our intentions and not wanting anything. Intuition is beyond words and can only be alluded to. By being impartial observers of ourselves, we can be aware of our intuitive guidance in what we need to know. We can just know what to think and do.

Because we are accustomed to relying upon our conscious ego mind, we have learned to tune out our intuition. We have relied on cognition primarily to navigate life. Now we can adjust our perspective to be open to greater awareness that comes from higher vibrations of Being. By imagining ourselves living in a high-vibratory environment, we can enjoy encounters with kind and loving people and find ourselves in beautiful and magnificent environments. When we feel guidance toward life-enhancing thoughts and feelings, it comes from our intuition. This is our natural way of knowing about life.

In order to be our natural Selves, we must abandon feelings of all low-vibration states of being and replace them with what feels good and loving. Our imagination can be unlimited and can jump right over our limiting beliefs about ourselves, although we do need to resolve these, and it’s easier from an expanding perspective.

We can learn to be sensitive to our intuition in a precise way, so that we always know that we are properly guided in everything, and we have the free will to make all decisions about our life. Realizing the love in our heart and our intuitive guidance is all we need to master our lives and raise the vibrations of humanity.

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