Being Aware of Being Aware

Because consciousness is universal, we can be aware of the awareness of any conscious being. We live in a sea of consciousness with an unlimited number of energetic expressions that are constantly expanding. We have the ability to be aware any of them, but as humans, we have limited ourselves to the empirical spectrum. We also have the ability to unlimit ourselves. We can do this by realizing the feeling of negative polarity experiences, while staying in a higher state of Being. The negative experiences cannot exist without our life force, which we send out with our engagement. By transcending engagement through compassion and wisdom, we can resolve our self-imposed limiting beliefs. We can free ourselves to become our eternal, unlimited Selves.

As electromagnetic beings, we maintain a state of consciousness that is largely dependent upon our emotional state. Emotions operate magnetically at the vibratory frequency that we feel. Our thoughts are modulated electrically, as are all of our neurological systems. They cannot operate independently of our emotions, and must come into alignment with how we feel.

In searching for our intuitive guidance, we need to be in a calm, stress-free emotional state. This we can find in nature, where we can align with the energies of Gaia and the spirits of nature. Connecting with the vibrations of the Earth is most important. We can also listen to soothing music, and we can meditate and practice tai chi and other centering kinds of movements. We can watch inspiring videos. Whatever inner path we choose, practice creates the ability to calm ourselves easily, even in chaotic situations.

As we learn to be in a state of emotional neutrality, we can gain the ability to be aware of the awareness of our ego consciousness. We can observe our state of being in every moment and bring ourselves into alignment with higher vibrations in the spectrum of love and compassion. This is where we can be aware of our inner knowing of the constant guidance that comes from the consciousness of the Creator. In the face of the synthetically-created chaotic energy of our time, we truly need the connection with our intuitive knowing in the energy of our heart. It is our vibration that is elevating humanity. We are creating this high vibration through our awareness of our greater Being.

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