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Becoming Clear in Our Personhood

As humans we are limited by the barriers that we have imposed upon ourselves in order to participate in the human experience of living within the spectrum of fear, ultimately fear of our mortality, thinking that our conscious personhood would terminate. Now we know that is impossible for at least two verifiable reasons. We have many reports from those who have died and come back. All reported that their consciousness did not diminish, and in some cases it expanded greatly.

Second, we are constantly created in the consciousness of the Creator beyond time and space. We are created constantly as eternal Beings, fractals of the Creator. This is a logical extension of the conclusions of quantum physicists’ experiments. If this is who we are in our expanded consciousness, then we must have limited ourselves to a limited spectrum of vibrations in order to be human. Who we are as humans is a portion of a much larger consciousness that is also us in our greater personhood. Now we know conclusively that we are eternal Beings.

We are also radiant. We emit photons in vibrational resonance to our personal energy signature. We are energetic expressions our consciousness. We exist in a realm of infinite numbers of energy patterns that are constantly interacting and being attracted to compatible energy signatures of people and situations. Thus we are constantly creating our lives in every moment for our future experiences, as we await compatible energy patterns to align with them. It all happens in moments of clarity.

Because creation happens in a self-aware personal consciousness with the ability to modulate energy patterns with our imagination and emotions, our ability to be clear in our perceptions and intentions results in more elevated experiences. To be able to be consciously clear means to vibrate at a place of inner equilibrium and serenity without desires or expectations.

Our ego can learn to be clear as well. We need to believe and know that we are eternal Beings. Our rational minds can know something as a result of mental processes, but the emotions may not yet feel convinced. This feeds back to the ego consciousness and creates doubt. To break this standoff, it may help to read some of the books of reports of those who had died, or you may want to study quantum physics. The experiences of those returning from death were not imaginary, because they came back knowing things that they could not have known, if they had been temporarily terminated. Getting clear means changing our perspective from vibrating in the dimension of fear and transforming into the dimension of love and joy, because death does not exist. We are sovereign Creators of our lives in every moment.

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