Becoming Aware of Our Expanded Being

If we want to awaken from the hypnotic trance that we have lived within for eons, we must strengthen our resolve to do so. We continuously create the energy spectrum that we live within. Only by expanding our creation can we open our awareness to a greater sense of being. We need to raise the vibrations of our energy signatures. If we’ve explored the dark, low-vibration realm to our satisfaction, we are ready to leave that behind us. We do not wish to expand our awareness into the depths of low-vibrational experiences any more intensely. We’ve learned great compassion and wisdom. Now it’s time for us to live in love and joy in our eternal presence. If we want to expand our consciousness, we must go higher in vibrations of all kinds without fear.

High-vibration energy feels good. The higher we go, the better we feel, and the more optimistic we become. By focusing on visions and emotions in a higher spectrum of frequency, we raise the vibratory rate of our energy signatures. As a result, low-frequency energy is not attracted to us, and we are magnetically polarized oppositely, once we rise above fear and enter the vibratory level of goodness.

All electromagnetic wave patterns that we can be aware of stimulate emotions in us. This is how we know the frequency level of the people and situations that we are facing. Our emotions have not been subject to the mental conditioning that we have endured. They still feel the wave patterns and frequencies the way we were created to feel. In even very subtle feelings our emotions are aware of the distinctions between fear and love. This can be our path to a higher dimension of living, closer to our natural expanded Self.

We are absolutely free to choose what we focus our attention on and how we want to feel in every moment. In the midst of great trauma and chaos, we can choose the be in compassion and understanding. We can focus on the inner light in everyone and everything. It is always present, or whatever embodies it would not exist. We can consciously invite it to show itself to us. This is the only energy we need to relate to. This perspective opens us to greater awareness and expanded consciousness. Ultimately it carries us into the universal consciousness of our Creator.

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