Balancing Negative and Positive Energetics of Life

As humans we have agreed to participate in life experiences within a limited spectrum of energies in order to know what it is like to be separate individuals, each with a unique conscious awareness inhabiting an empirical reality. We have learned to use our mental and emotional abilities in support of and in resistance to one another, in controlling and in submitting and in just having fun together and inspiring one another. This realm continues to provide us with a great variety of experiences. We now have the opportunity to draw upon all of these and realize the purpose of it all.

We are all energetic expressions of our person-hood, acting out our destined roles, until we remember our true identity. We are playing with a wide array of energetics that have been mostly negative in polarity. Those who align with deeply negative thoughts and feelings are mostly out of alignment with our natural conscious life stream. Since they have cut themselves off from the stream of unconditional love that enlivens us all, they need to feed off the energy of those who are fearful, leaving the fearful depleted of life force. In this realm, all negatively-oriented characters become parasites in order to survive without being transformed into their true Selves. They embody the balancing energy for those who are positive.

In order for this world to have legitimacy and believability, it has to have human consciousness providing recognition and energetic alignment, because it is not a divine configuration. In this world, there must be a balance between positive and negative polarities. They require human recognition and constant creation in order to exist. With declining human alignment with them, the polarities begin to dissolve, and we can realize that we are regaining our vitality. We no longer need to feed the negative polarity. The positive melts into a higher dimension that interpenetrates ours and attracts our awareness on a higher-vibratory level.

We can become aware of our conscious Self beyond time and space. We are eternal awareness with person-hood, however we want to express ourselves. If we do not imagine and feel negative energies as if they are ours, they pass through us without taking our life force, and we do not experience them in our lives. Circumstances arrange themselves around the vibratory spectrum of our personal energetic signature, which is our dominant state of being. As we pursue our passions, our world changes with us.

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