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Awareness of Self-Realization

As a race, we have become disconnected from awareness and care of all of the other conscious beings around us, including our planet. The first step toward enlightenment is to reestablish that connection and begin to recognize that we are all the same Being, just different aspects of the One. When we feel that we have developed deep compassion and have realized our natural attraction to all other conscious beings, we have completed our lessons in the dimension of low-frequency, human vibrations. We can graduate to the next level, which is a higher dimension with a different polarity and higher frequency of vibrations. We need to shift from negative to positive polarity, from life-diminishing to life-enhancing vibrations. This creates a different perspective with much greater awareness of the expansiveness of life and the choices to be recognized.

If we decide to take the leap of changing polarities and frequencies, our life changes dramatically, probably over some time, because we may need practice to be successful. The key element is resonant vibration. We can learn to stay in intentional alignment with the Source of our conscious life force, which is the source of our creative abilities.

We can encounter the heart of our Being, which is our inner light, the source of our photonic presence, which radiates through every cell of our body and forms our aura of colorful conscious photons. We can make this encounter intentionally by seeking higher emotional and mental vibrations and by just being present in awareness. This is the place of realization of our eternal present awareness beyond time and space. We have always been and always will be Self-aware.

As we raise the frequency of our energy signature through focusing our attention on high-vibration thoughts and feelings, we begin to feel the presence of Creator consciousness. We can open ourselves to higher frequencies of greater gratitude and compassion, as we reorient ourselves to deeper and more meaningful love and sovereignty.

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